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Uppy! 6 Pack (6 Tubes, 60 tablets, save 16%)

Uppy! 6 Pack (6 Tubes, 60 tablets, save 16%)

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6 tubes of 10 effervescent tablets (60 tablets)
Contains Electrolytes, Minerals and Vitamins.
Flavored with Natural Lemon-Lime and a hint of Ginger.
1 tablet + 4 oz (120 ml) water

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Uppy! The Original - a singular experience that transforms hydration into a tantalizing ritual. Unlock the secret to vibrant vitality with each effervescent tablet, meticulously crafted to infuse your senses with the refreshing essence of lemon-lime.

🍋 Lemon-Lime and a Hint of Ginger
Immerse yourself in the tantalizing dance of zesty lemons and luscious limes, expertly balanced to create a
symphony of citrus perfection, a subtle hint of ginger adds a touch of sophistication to this classic blend. This effervescent masterpiece brings hydration to life, offering not just a drink but a sensory celebration. As
the bubbles effervesce, the aroma of fresh citrus and ginger will awaken your senses, preparing you for a
burst of natural energy.

💧 Electrolyte-Rich Hydration:
Formulated with essential electrolytes, "The Original" ensures your body receives the replenishment it
craves. Whether you're conquering the day or recovering from a workout, this lemon-lime elixir is your
hydration ally, restoring balance with every sip.

🌍 Convenience in Every Tube:
Designed for the modern explorer, each tube holds 10 effervescent tablets, compact and ready for your on-
the-go lifestyle. Simply dissolve one tablet in 120 ml of water, and let the magic unfold wherever your
adventures take you.

Embark on a journey of taste and vitality with The Original Lemon-Lime Uppy! Hydration has never been
this refreshing, this exciting, and this essential to your daily well-being. Embrace the zest for life with every
effervescent sip – because you deserve nothing but the