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Uppy! 3 Pack (3 Tubes, 30 tablets, 10% savings)

Uppy! 3 Pack (3 Tubes, 30 tablets, 10% savings)

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3 tubes of 10 effervescent tablets.
Contains Electrolytes, Minerals and Vitamins.
Flavored with Natural Lemon-Lime and a hint of Ginger.
1 tablet + 4oz (120 ml) water

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Uppy! hydration tablets contain electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and a hint of ginger. Uppy! is formulated to effectively handle dehydration issues while flying, working out, experiencing mid-day slump, and partying. Uppy also helps fight the effects of jet lag. Uppy's formula follows the World Health Organization's guidelines for an Isotonic Oral Rehydration Solution.

When flying, your body dehydrates much quicker than normal. The air in the airplane is very dry. This is why you may experience increased thirst, drowsiness, headache, dizziness and/or jet lag.