• Nita Talwar - Founder

The Story of Uppy! - the Travel (sport, mid-day slump, and hangover) Recovery Drink

Brainstorming can lead to amazing outcomes. Have traveled all my life for both work and pleasure, I am very familiar with jet lag. I began asking the experts (doctors, pilots, frequent fliers, flight attendants) of how to beat it so I could get on with my day.

From these brainstorming conversations, an amazing solution was developed. The idea of a Travel Recovery Drink mix that helps you arrive hydrated, replenished, and ready to conquer your day. A fairly simple solution to Rehydrate and Replenish yourself efficiently, and to arrive in much better condition allowing you to recover from travel fatigue and jet lag much faster.

We developed Uppy! prioritizing the fundamentals of a really good rehydration formula. The World Health Organization (WHO) have set guidelines for what constitutes an Oral Rehydration Solution. Uppy! is based on these guidelines. Together with the added vitamins, minerals and ginger, Uppy! supports the natural electrolyte balance in your body; allowing you to feel better and recover faster.

I (and others) appreciate Uppy! outside the airplane as well, for it contains essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, D3, B-12, and Magnesium which help support the immune system. The real ginger extract helps support nausea and gut health. Uppy! is your solution for rehydration and good health. The unique mix of ingredients makes Uppy! an isotonic wellbeing drink.

Uppy! has become an essential for me when I travel and in my everyday activities. Try it and see for yourself.