How to use Uppy! The Energizer - Travel, Sports, Partying

How to use Uppy! The Energizer - Travel, Sports, Partying

Uppy! The Energizer has 50 mg of caffeine per tablet ( 1 cup of coffee has between 80-100 mg of caffeine).

The suggested use for sport is to take one-two tablets in 120ml-240ml before an intense workout/sport.  Also okay to sip during working out/sport. After, for recovery, the Original Uppy! is a good idea.

The suggested use for jet lag / dehydration during flight is to take The Energizer during a daytime flight and upon arrival of an overnight flight.

The suggested use for Uppy! The Energizer for a big night out is to take 1 tablet dissolved in 120 ml water before going out for an evening where you may over-indulge. A good idea is to have the Original Uppy! before bed and again in the morning.  

Uppy! The Energizer is also the perfect solution for the mid-day slump - the pick me up you need without causing jitters or affecting nighttime sleep. 

Our customers have told us that they replace they are also replacing their morning coffee with Uppy! The Energizer.

Uppy! The Energizer: Perfect for travel, sports, partying, and a mid-day pick me up.

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