Uppy! is an electrolyte drink mix. The additional vitamins and minerals in the forumlation help you feel better and recover faster.

  • Uppy! Your electrolyte source for hydration, vitamins, and minerals

    Uppy! electrolyte drink mix supports a healthy lifestyle. The active rehydration formula in Uppy! acts as a water multiplier. The added vitamins and minerals in the formulation provide energy, recovery and wellness. The touch of ginger helps support gut health and immunity. If you are flying on plane, flying through a tough workout, or just flying through a typically tough work day, Uppy! will help you feel better and recover faster. The electrolyte rich immune boosting drink mix replenishes what is lost during exercise, travel and work. The Uppy! formulation follows the World Health Organization's guidelines for an Isotonic Oral Rehyrdation Solution.

  • Immune system and gut health

    Support your immune system and gut health with: Vitamin B12, C, D3, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Ginger + Electrolytes

    • NUTRITION FACTS: Serving Size: 1 tablet, Servings per Container: 10, Amount per Serving: Calories 11, Sodium (sodium bicarbonate) 175mg, Total Carbohydrates 2g , Total Sugars 2g, Added Sugars 2g, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 26mg, Vitamin D3 (Cholicalciferol) 1.7mcg, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0.8mcg, Magnesium (citrate) 60mg, Zinc (citrate) 3.3mg, Selenium (Sodium Selenite) 18mcg / Ginger Extract (Zingiber Officinale 4:1) 60mcg. Other Ingredients: Dextrose, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, Sorbitol, Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor, Stevia Extract.
      SUGGESTED USE: Dissolve one (1) tablet in 4oz (12 cl) of non-carbonated water.

      • Isotonic drinks, also known as energy drinks or sports drinks, help to rapidy replace fluids in the body that are lost through perspiration, while also providng energy through carbohydrates.

        Don´t get dehydrated, get replenished!

        1. Don't get dedydrated, intake a proper amount of fluids.

        2. Eat a well balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals.

        3. Make Uppy! electrolyte drink mix part of your healthy lifestyle.

        Uppy! replenishes electrolytes lost during travel, work, exercise, partying, and daily life. Uppy! electrolyte drink mix provides that extra support so you may live your best life.

      • What is a isotonic drink and why is it good for you? A drink is isotonic when it contains the same particulate concentration as blood; specifically the osmolarity needs to be between 270-330 mOsml/litre in order to be isotonic. A drink is thus hypotonic when less concentrated than blood and hypertonic when more concentrated. An isotonic drink improves the intake of water, minerals and nutrients to facilitate the replacement of what the body uses during various activites and efforts. It facilitates rehydration, while contributing to the proper assimilation of the particles needed to support effort (glucose, sodium etc.). An isotonic drink is easily absorbed to ensure optimal efficiency and comfortable digestion.

      • Where does Uppy! fit in on all this?
        When 1 Uppy! hydration tablet is dissolved in 4 oz (12 cl) of water it has an osmolarity of 288 mOsml/litre thus making it an istonic solution with the same particulate concentration as blood. Uppy! follows the guidelines established by WHO (World Health Organization) for an Isotonic ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution). Drinks that are isotonic or slightly hypotonic provide the fastest method of rehydration. Uppy! being an istonic solution also provides sustained energy which is lacking in some hypotonic solutions. Uppy!'s formulation also has added vitamins and minerals, as well as 60 mg of ginger extract made from 240 mg real ginger root. The health benefits of ginger fighting germs, calming nausea, soothing sore muscles, easing arthritis symptoms, curbing cancer growth, lowering blood sugar, easing period pains, lowering cholesteral, protecting against disease and relieving indiestion (https://www.webmd.com/diet/ss/slideshow-health-benefits-ginger).

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